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Why Join 121?

Who can join?

If you are in the Jacksonville-area or related to someone who is, you may qualify.


Membership is available to individuals who work, live or attend school in the Florida counties of Duval, Clay, St. Johns, Nassau, Baker, Columbia, Union, Bradford, Alachua, Putnam, and Flagler and their immediate families*.

Membership in 121 Financial Credit Union is also available to employees (active or retired) and their immediate families of companies providing telecommunications services; and to organizations whose members are of the same general group regardless of where they live.

*The immediate family is defined to include any person related to the primary member by blood or marriage.


What are the benefits of being a member?

There are so many benefits to being a member at 121 Financial!


Credit Unions vs. Banks: What's the difference?

Learn why a credit union may be right for you.


Credit unions are cooperatives not-for-profit financial institutions chartered by the state or federal government. They are owned and controlled by their members, and organized to promote thrift and provide credit to those who belong.

Credit unions only serve members in the fields of membership - usually associations, employee groups, or communities named in their charters. As not-for-profit financial services cooperatives, credit unions return earnings to their members in higher savings rates, better services, and lower borrowing rates, while the boards of directors are volunteers elected by members.

Banks (or Savings and Loans) are financial institutions chartered by the state or federal government, which accept deposits and make loans for a profit. They are owned by groups of stockholders whose main interest is to earn a healthy return on their investments. In contrast, credit unions exist to serve their member-owners, the people who save and borrow there.


I’ve had financial trouble in the past. Can I still join?

At 121 Financial we understand that sometimes we all need a do-over. If you've been turned down in the past, you may be eligible to take advantage of our Fresh Start program.


How do I switch?

We're so glad you're considering switching to 121 Financial, where you receive excellent one to one personal service!


Here are the forms you will need to fill out:
Membership Application | Close Account | Change Direct Deposit | Change Automatic Debits/Payments

When you print/receive your application, please fill it out and include the following:

  • A photocopy of each signer’s current and valid driver's license or state identification from your state of legal residency.
  • Minimum remittance of $5.00 for the minimum balance to open an account. (Make checks payable to 121 Financial Credit Union.)
  • You may mail this information to:
    121 Financial Credit Union
    Attn: Member Services
    P.O. Box 16688
    Jacksonville, FL 32245

We will contact you as soon as we receive and process your application. Thank you for choosing 121 Financial Credit Union!

Once your account is opened, you will receive a letter with your account number along with other important account information.

Membership eligibility subject to verification. All new account applications are verified by Equifax and all new checking accounts are verified by ChexSystems.