Fraudster Calls

By Posted on July 23, 2018
Please be advised several members have notified the credit union that they have received fraudulent calls from imposters who claim to represent 121 Financial Credit Union. The fraudsters are asking members for their card number, CVV code (3 digit number at the back of the card), pin number, and password. Please note these representatives are not employed by 121 Financial Credit Union. The credit union will never make such phone calls to members requesting this information. Please do not give this information if requested over the phone. 
Best Practices/Reminders to prevent fraud:
– Do not provide your account number, credit/debit card number, or online banking credentials to anyone. If a company requests this information, this is a red flag for possible fraud.
– When in doubt, please call our Contact Center at 904-723-6300, where a representative will assist and if any accounts have been compromised, direct you with the best course of action.
– Monitor accounts on a daily basis and keep track of all transactions. If a charge does not look familiar, contact the credit union to verify.
– Never allow anyone to deposit funds into your account, for example, for a loan check. This is a red flag of fraudulent activity.
– If an individual requests that you deposit a check, and send them a portion of the funds, this is also a red flag that the check is fraudulent. Please note, that you will be held responsible for paying back the credit union.